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TradeStation 8, 9 and 2000i

... on these operating systems:
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The following tools in our "TS" Toolset: JMA , RSX , VEL, CFB , DMX , DDR , WAV. We also offer Braincel.

  • Each tool is available separately for a lifetime license. No annual fees.
  • Package discount pricing available.
  • DMX comes free with your purchase of JMA.


Create your own custom indicators using Jurik Research functions.

For coding examples, open up our indicators and read the code!
Jurik functions may be applied inside user's custom indicators, functions and strategies.
User can apply built-in editor to copy and edit Jurik indicators, but not our proprietary functions.

Free Custom Studies

Automatically receive these
custom studies
when installing Jurik Tools.


Demonstration Strategies

View our optional collection of
13 demonstration strategies
for ideas on using Jurik Tools within your own trading systems.


Install tools from the "TS" version of Jurik's toolset. Installer creates .ELS or .ELD files, which you should import into TradeStation.

For support on uncommon installation matters, GO HERE.


"So why do I like the Jurik tools? Primarily for me I have found them to be excellent at smoothing the data without lag." -- Guy Lerner [blueguyzee @ yahoo .com]

"I want to say that I use your products every day and they have given me eyes that I did not have before. Thank you for creating such great products." -- Kam Tsang, California USA

Read our huge collection of customer's comments on Jurik Tools.


Try TradeStation for just $25

Here's a low cost way to see if TradeStation is right for you! Get a 30-day trial with delayed data for just $25. (Real time data costs more).

  1. Call us for your 30-day trial "offer code" 323-258-4860
  2. Then go HERE to sign up.

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