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The end of the cold war redirected scientists from tracking missiles to tracking the markets. The result is a new generation of technical analysis tools clearly superior to classical indicators.

Tools for superior technical analysis

Tools for creating leading indicators

Historical and live data sources

Books, audio tape, and tutorials



"Your functions do wonders for technical analysis. They are smoother and with less lag. I believe your indicators can be the 'edge' all traders talk about!"
-- Tim Proeber

I want to say that I use your products everyday and they have given me eyes that I did not have before. Thank you for creating such great products."
-- Kam Tsang, California

"It's good to find someone interested in the welfare of the consumer."
-- Parviz Farudi

"I have been using computers for trading for more than 10 years and would like to thank Mark Jurik for his state of the art tools.

On july 7, 2014 I entered the PREDICT WALL STREET contest and used Jurik's RSX DOUBLE and JMA DWMA on one hour charts to go short five NASDAQ 100 stocks and short ten S&P 100 stocks. I checked the results and was excited to find I had 14 out of 15 winners!

Jurik tools are great to use."

-- Charles Jurist




Popular technical indicators are unresponsive and jagged. Smoothing them only adds even more lag. Do you like waiting for your indicators to catch up to fast moving price action?

When lag is removed and clarity restored, a new world of possibilities emerge. Jurik's analytical tools are fast, clear and smooth. You get better timing, better accuracy and better signals.

After reviewing the tools listed below, we recommend you ...



If you had ever tried to smooth a noisy signal, you probably learned there is no free lunch: the smoother the signal, the more it lagged behind price. In contrast, JMA produces ultra smooth curves with VERY LITTLE LAG!


Many systems use price momentum as an indicator. However, up to now, momentum charts were exceedingly jittery, triggering bad trades. In contrast, VEL produces ultra smooth momentum WITHOUT ADDING LAG to the original momentum indicator!


Dominant cycle analysis is a popular way to measure the strength of a trend, but it has obvious flaws. For example, what if no cycle exists in the data? We replaced cycle analysis (FFT and MESA) with a form of fractal analysis that works even when no cycles exist. The tool is called CFB, Composite Fractal Behavior Index.


The classic RSI indicator is both noisy and laggy. Replace it with Jurik's 100% superior RSX. It's ultra-smooth (noise-free) and has no additional lag over standard RSI. You'll be amazed and won't look back.


The classic DMI+, DMI- and ADX indicators are either too noisy or too slow. Replace them with Jurik's 100% superior DMX. Ultra-smooth (noise-free) and with has LESS lag than ADX.

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The market is tough to predict and creating leading indicators is no easy task. Special tools are needed to peer beyond classical analysis and view what only a few can detect. CREATE YOUR OWN leading indicators with these tools that detrend, filter, sample, decorrelate, reduce and model your data.


The heart of any leading indicator is the economic model upon which it is based. Neural networks have the potential to view your data and automatically LEARN the forecast model. BrainCel packs a lot of neural net power for its price.


If a forecast requires knowledge of the recent past, would you know exactly how far back to look (today, yesterday, 5 days ago, etc.)? You might know that smoothing historical data improves a neural net's ability to forecast, but how smooth should the data be? .... Relax! WAV produces time-series data preprocessed for forecast models.


How many input variables should a leading indicator have? Is more better? Rarely. Overly complex indicators are likely to fail! What's needed is a way to feed your leading indicator all the information you want, using the smallest number of variables. DDR delivers with amazing results.

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Books, audio and tutorials to help you stay current.

Neural Nets & Financial Forecasting

A large collection of reports from Jurik Research. Topic include building a phase-advanced MACD, estimating the optimal forecast horizon, data preparation for a neural net, how to score trading performance during optimization, and lots more.

Computerized Trading

Twenty authors discuss system development and trading techniques. Topics include entering and exiting a market, new indicators, market zone analysis, self and system performance analysis, non-linear data modeling, all about data feeds, and more.

Space, Time, Cycles & Phase

Seminar audiotape and lecture notes on four powerful ways to view financial time-series data. Topics include trading system sensitivity analysis, degrees of freedom considerations, phase plane analysis of indicator behavior and more.

Tutorial Strategies

Now available: a collection of 13 demonstration strategies that suggest ways you can use Jurik Tools within your own trading systems. Each study is complete with a detailed explanation of its trading logic, chart and parameter settings used for validation, and either MultiCharts or TradeStation strategy code you can open up, read and modify.


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Historical data (tick and End-of-Day)

Datafeed links for TradeStation

Datafeed links for Excel worksheets

Pinnacle Data

Large collection of economic indices, COT (Commitment of Traders) reports and commodities prices (end-of-day). Data is reported to be very clean. Software for linking contracts in various ways. Optional daily downloading.

Datafeeds for Microsoft Excel

Jurik Research does not offer datafeed software. BUT there are others who do. For details, click on the big blue button . . . .


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