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  • 2012 - TASC gives us "Readers Choice Award"         
  • 2011 - TASC gives us "Readers Choice Award"         
  • 2010 - Trader's Magazine of Germany interviews Jurik
  • 2010 - TASC gives us "Readers Choice Award"         
  • 2010 - Jurik speaks to Austin Association of Financial Traders
  • 2009 - Jurik sponsors Math Contest"
  • 2009 - TASC gives us "Readers Choice Award"         
  • 2008 - TASC gives us "Readers Choice Award"         
  • 2007 - TASC gives us "Readers Choice Award"         
  • 2005 - MARHedge article on Jurik Research           
  • 2006 - TASC gives us "Readers Choice Award"         
  • 2005 - TASC gives us "Readers Choice Award"         
  • 2004 - TASC gives us "Readers Choice Award"         
  • 2002 - TASC gives us "Readers Choice Award"         
  • 2000 - Jurik speaks to Swiss Association of Market Technicians
  • 2000 - Financial Software Review evaluates JMA      
  • 2000 - Wall Street Harvest interviews Mark Jurik    
  • 2000 - TASC gives us "Readers Choice Award"         
  • 1999 - TASC gives us favorable review               
  • 1999 - TASC gives us "Readers Choice Award"         
  • 1995 - Futures Magazine gives TOP SCORES            
  • 1992 - Investors exploit "Stars Wars" mathematics


Investors Exploit "Star Wars" Mathematics

10 June 1992

Jurik Research and Consulting announces the arrival of "Star Wars" mathematics to get an edge in the financial markets.

During the last decade major new trends have totally transformed the nature and risk of capital markets. As a consequence, financial markets are more complex, interrelated and volatile. More and more books are discussing "market chaos" while popular trading methods become less profitable. Large institutions now spend millions to develop trading systems that exploit subtle and hard-to-find market inefficiencies.

Jurik Research & Consulting offers powerful add-in modules to numerous market charting platforms. They easily handle the jarring aspects of market behavior and give investors a unique advantage.

"There were no compromises in the development of our MOVING AVERAGE indicator, AMA" said Mark Jurik, founder of Jurik Research. "AMA utilizes concepts in Robotics and Information Theory. AMA attains a smooth estimate of market price with low lag."

Numerous statisticians and mathematicians have requested AMA's mathematical formula. "A handful have paid a significant fee for the actual algorithm", said Jurik. However, the public can get AMA software straight from Jurik Research for just $205.


Futures Magazine gives TOP SCORES

10 FEB 1995

Futures Magazine (jan 95) gave near-perfect scores for Jurik's financial forecast preprocessing software: DDR, AMA and WAV. These three tools save the Excel user from an enormous amount of coding time by automating three operations extremely important for financial market forecasting.

AMA [later revised to JMA] is the most advanced moving average technical indicator available on the market. WAV compresses lots of historical data into a smaller set of numbers. DDR compresses information across many indicators into a smaller set of new indicators. This trio of tools removes unwanted noise and then performs compression in both time and space, resulting in optimal data sets for regression modeling of market forecasts.

The ratings given were :

  • DDR modulegreen_stargreen_stargreen_stargreen_star"Excellent"
  • AMA modulegreen_stargreen_stargreen_stargreen_star"Excellent"
  • WAV modulegreen_stargreen_stargreen_starhalf_green_star"Excellent-Good"
  • Installation, Documentation and Support green_stargreen_stargreen_stargreen_star"Excellent"


Jurik Research wins another **Readers Choice Award**

{short description of image}

12 MAR 2012

Reader's Choice Award

Jurik Research received another Readers' Choice Award from TASC (Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities).

We are in 1st place. Again!

Our Rankings in the Software Plug-in category:

2012 1st place (winner) 2011 1st place (winner) 2010 1st place (winner) 2009 2nd place 2008 3nd place 2007 2nd place 2006 4th place 2005 4th place 2004 4th place 2002 4th place 2000 4th place 1999 4th place


Stocks and Commodities gives favorable review

1 MAY 1999

The Jurik Research software suite was reviewed in the April 1999 issue of Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities. JMA's famous ability to jump along a price gap to new trading levels significantly faster than classical moving averages was said by the reviewer to be "especially important to day traders".

As for VEL, the reviewer plotted daily T-bond closing prices and commented, " can see that a number of key turning points are quickly picked up by VEL."

All three tools, JMA, VEL and CFB can be incorporated into visual basic subroutines for complete automation, including optimization. As for user friendliness, the reviewer said "working in Excel and the Jurik indicators is a breeze."

In summary, with regard to a trader's particular dissatisfaction with classical indicators, the reviewer stated "Jurik Research may have the solution."


Jurik Speaks to Swiss Association of Market Technicians

16 NOV 2000

Mark Jurik spoke at SAMT (Swiss Association of Market Technicians) in Zurich. His presentation discussed the importance of pre-processing financial data prior when building market forecasts. Also discussed was the semi-fractal nature of the markets and results of his own research in modeling the markets.


Financial Software Review evaluates JMA

15 MAY 2000

{short description of image}

The following is extracted from the complete article.

"At $205, the JMA package is good value, as it not only includes a generous selection of pre-built indicators and systems but the manual supplied also makes a thorough job of stepping you through their effective deployment. ... The bottom line is that this is the sort of tool that could add significant value on any trading desk, both in its own right and as a highly efficient smoothing mechanism for other technical analysis techniques."


Wall Street Harvest interviews Mark Jurik

24 SEP 2000

{short description of image}

This brief article summarizes Jurik's reasons for including sector analysis whan trading securities.


MARHedge article on Jurik Research

21 NOV 2005

{short description of image}

MARHedge is a Manage Account Reports publication on hedge funds. Their 21/NOV/2005 article "Eliminating Lag, part II" discusses the philosophy behind Jurik's technical indicators. Charts were provided showing the superiority of JMA and RSX over classic technical analysis. Article also interviews Landmark Asset Management on how they use VEL and RSX to manage $18 million.


Jurik Research's first math contest

26 DEC 2009

Jurik Research is sponsoring a math contest with prize money. Anyone may participate in solving what looks like a high-school geometry problem. Contestants send in their results to Jurik Research, who selects the winner based on the proof's elegance and simplicity, as judged by Mark Jurik.

There is also prize money for the best suggestion as to how this property of geometry can be used in signal processing. Contest runs from 1-JAN-2010 through 1-MAY-2010. Winners and their entries to be posted 1-JUN-2010.

Click HERE for the math puzzle and contest details.

Obviously, this contest is void for participants in countries, provinces and states where prize money is prohibited.


Jurik Spreaks to Austin Association of Financial Traders

9 FEB 2010

Mark Jurik gave his first lecture in over five years to the Austin Association of Financial Traders, in Austin Texas. Topics discussed included:

  • Representing market dynamics in high-dimension space
  • How semi-chaotic behavior leads to nodes of stability between regime changes
  • How market noise affects analysis
  • How Jurik Tools mitigate market noise
  • The various stages to trading system development
  • Spatio-temporal compression of market data
  • Amazingly simple trading strategies that work

The attendees were very pleased with Jurik's presentation, as expressed in this letter.


Trader's Magazine of Germany interviews Mark Jurik

1 MAR 2010

The March 2010 issue of the German magazine Trader's sports an interview with Mark Jurik. The lengthy article covers many topics, including...

  • How Jurik Research came about
  • Why the JMA filter is so different
  • Comments of risk and money management
  • Common features in Jurik's custom built strategies
  • How to test and validate trading systems
  • Advice for novices and professionals
  • How Jurik got lost riding the New York subway, ultimately taking a stroll in a tuxedo, at night, through Harlem.

The article is written in German. Here is the introduction.

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