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VEL scalps


One great advantage in working with tools having low-lag and low-noise is that you can experiment with combining them and other functions into more sophisticated analytical techniques with little to no degradation in timing and clarity.

The VEL scalping indicator is one such example, as shown in the chart below. We start with the VEL blend indicator (gray curvy plots), then process that information to create exponentially decaying colored lines to suggest windows of short term trading opportunity.

The difference between these two sub-panels is in the duration of the colored curves (trading opportunities), which is governed by a parameter. This lets you control your average duration of market exposure.

We have two versions of this indicator for Ninjatrader. The standard version (not shown here) uses only one VEL function. In the "blend" version (displayed here) the user controls a mixture of a fast and slow VEL, delivering performance better tuned to your specific market. You can apply NinjaTrader's color menu to select your choice of colors.

  • Visual results may vary, and will depend on chart time frame, chart bar type, market symbol and indicator parameter values.

  • All Jurik indicators are optimized to display over a black background.

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