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The power of using low-lag, ultra smooth indicators is that you can safely experiment with feeding one indicator to another without signal degradation. For example, the "RSX on RSX" indicator feeds the output of RSX on price to another RSX and plots the result. While standard RSX analyzes trend directional strength, RSX-on-RSX analyzes trend acceleration. This synchronizes RSX with rapid market reversals, typically found in a tight trading range.

For NinjaTrader, we have two versions of this indicator. The first sub-panel in the chart above shows RSX-on-RSX with user defined threshold levels. The 2nd sub-panel shows our dyna-color version, whereby areas change color as a function of a user defined mixture of RSX value and slope. The user can apply NinjaTrader's color menu to select other colors.

  • Visual results may vary, and will depend on chart time frame, chart bar type, market symbol and indicator parameter values.

  • All Jurik indicators are optimized to display over a black background.

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