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Trading Solutions 3.1 or higher

... on these operating systems:
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The following tools in our "DL" Toolset: JMA , RSX , VEL , CFB, DMX, WAV, DDR as add-in indicators for TradingSolutions.

  • Each tool is available separately for a lifetime license. No annual fees.
  • Package discount pricing available.
  • DMX comes free with your purchase of JMA.


1. Install tools from the "DL" version of Jurik's toolset.
2. Go HERE to decide which of three TradingSolution's add-ons is best for you. The add-on enables Jurik Tools to link with TradingSolutions.
3. Order your chosen add-on module from Neurodimension's ORDER FORM
4. Follow instructions that come with NeuroDimension's add-on module.


Read more about Jurik tools for TradingSolutions.

Trading Solutions recently added suppport for WAV and DDR. In Trading Solutions, the "WAV-DDR" add-in is an advanced data preprocessing tool which can internally sample, detrend, normalize and decorrelate hundreds of columns of data. All forecasting model builders know it is imperative the trading model receives the smallest, reasonable number of technical indicators and "WAV-DDR" for Trading Solutions provides the missing link. From what may be a collection of 100 columns of time series data, "WAV-DDR" produces an alternative collection of data columns, from which you need to select only a few.

This is because "WAV-DDR" performs spatio-temporal compression, squeezing as much information into each resulting column as is possible. This lets you feed fewer columns into your forecasting model. This very powerful concept will provide meaningful data for your models and very likely enhance model’s performance and robustness.

As proof-of-concept, the following chart shows the clear difference between a strategy using "WAV-DDR" processed data and a simple buy-and-hold strategy.

WAV-DDR's design is modular, providing numerous options for combining and optimizing data preprocessing and the external engine is very fast and made as transparent for the user as possible. In order to increase efficiency even further, a database maintenance tool is included.


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