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Trade Navigator. Versions 5, 6 and higher

... on these operating systems:
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All four tools ( JMA, VEL, RSX, DMX ) come as a unified package in Jurik's "UT" Toolset. Annual license. See PRICE list.


  1. Install the "UT" version of Jurik's toolset. Select the option for Trade Navigator.
  2. In Trade Navigator, press CTRL-U (or phone icon) to bring up the download dialog box.
  3. Select "Download Special File" and type the following (without quotes): "Upgrade"
  4. Press START. Wait for download and installation to complete. If you are asked to re-import librares or upgrade, select YES.
  5. Read our user manual for instructions on how to display Jurik indicators.


Read our huge collection of customer's comments on Jurik Tools.


Rather than being stuffed with features to the point of becoming unwieldy and frustrating, Trade Navigator is designed with extensive trader input. Navigator places the most useful trading tools at your disposal with the click of a mouse.

Trade Navigator has these features:

  • Replay the past to gain skill and confidence
  • Run simulated live tests to monitor present performance
  • Trade from the chart or trade from the DOM
  • Single click trading
  • Configure your strategies with versatile customization tools
  • Configurable trading ladders
  • Precision drawing tools
  • Fast, real-time market data, quote board and online order execution
  • Industry respected support
  • Innovative charting and trading technologies
  • Free customer coaching department
  • Powerful tools created and used by trading legends
  • System backtesting

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