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NeoTicker for Windows. Version 4.2 and higher.

... on these operating systems:
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DL Toolset

  • The "DL" version is optimal for charts that introduce each new bar after each bar has already closed. In other words, charts that do not update intrabar (tick-by-tick). Each time a new bar is added to a chart, the "DL" version of Jurik Tools calculates an indicator value for that bar.
  • The following tools in our "DL" Toolset: JMA , RSX , VEL , CFB , DMX.
  • Each tool in the "DL" toolset is available separately for a lifetime license. No annual fees.
  • Multi-tool discount pricing available. DMX comes free with your purchase of JMA.

UT Toolset

  • The "UT" version is optimized for charts that perform intrabar (tick-by-tick) updating. In this environment, the "UT" version is considerably faster (is less taxing on Neoticker) than our "DL" version.
  • The "UT" version of these tools: JMA, VEL, RSX, DMX.
  • All 4 tools in one package. Annual license. See PRICE list.


DL version:

Install tools from the "DL" version of Jurik's toolset.

UT version:

Install tools from the "UT" version of Jurik's toolset.


Neoticker has a full simulator that records and plays back, tick for tick, any market that has live streaming data. The simulator has varying speeds and at 10x speed you can move through 6 hours of market in about 1 hour. It's a perfect way to learn short-term trading during off-market hours.


"I recently purchased the NeoTicker program from TickQuest. It works with JURIK Tools. It is unique in that it allows multiple different timeframe indicators to be displayed on the same chart (e.g. JMA on 1 min, 3 min, 10 min, and 30 min on the same chart) for several different underlying entities, any of which can be based on another formula." -- [erayboy @ bellsouth .net]

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