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  • MetaStock 7.2.1 and higher
  • MetaStock Pro 7.2.1 and higher
... on Windows XP operating system


The following tools in our "MS" Toolset: JMA , RSX , VEL , CFB, DMX as add-in indicators for MetaStock.

  • Each tool is available separately for a lifetime license. No annual fees.
  • Package discount pricing available.
  • DMX comes free with your purchase of JMA.


All Jurik functions work in real-time and on historical data.

Create your own custom indicators using Jurik Research functions.

For coding examples, open up our indicators and read the code!
Jurik functions may be applied inside user's custom indicators, functions and strategies.
User can apply built-in editor to copy and edit Jurik indicators, but not our proprietary functions.

Free Formulas

Download our
FREE MetaStock formulas
that employ multiple Jurik functions.


Complex Graphics

View our colorful
layout templates
for ideas on using Jurik Tools.


1. Download and install the "MS" version of Jurik's toolset.
2. MetaStock's Indicator Builder automatically imports the Jurik functions.


I installed Jurik Tools in MetaStock 10 and it works great. JMA particularly is amazing. I spent the whole of yesterday playing around with it, reconstructing classical indicators with JMA and using JMA in my own indicators, substituting JMA in place of other filters. I don't think I'll ever go back to the traditional filters again! Thank you." -- Ajay [ madrasmetals @vsnl .net ]

Read our huge collection of customer's comments on Jurik Tools.

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