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AmiBroker 5.0 and higher ... (both 32 and 64 bit)

... on these operating systems:
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The following tools in our "DL" Toolset: JMA , RSX , VEL , CFB , DMX as add-in indicators for AmiBroker.

  • Each tool is available separately for a lifetime license. No annual fees.
  • Package discount pricing available.
  • DMX comes free with your purchase of JMA.

JMA tool includes a dynamically adjustable version of JMA whose parameters may be changed on each bar.


Create your own custom indicators using Jurik Research functions.

For coding examples, open up our indicators and read the code!
Jurik functions may be applied inside user's custom indicators, functions and strategies.
User can apply built-in editor to copy and edit Jurik indicators, but not our proprietary functions.

Free Custom Studies

Automatically receive these
custom studies
when installing Jurik Tools.


AmiBroker supports backtesting and optimization on multiple securities.

AmiBroker 5.20 is clearly the FASTEST charting application I have seen. It boots up in under 1 second, with charts and indicators instantly on display. Its most amazing feature is that you can smoothly adjust indicator parameters by moving slider controls, which instantaneously adjusts the indicator. Watch your indicator smoothly reshape itself and be amazed!


1. Download and install the "DL" version of Jurik's toolset.

2. The User Manual shows how to apply pre-built Jurik tools and how to use AmiBroker Formula Language (AFL) to create your own custom studies.


Read our huge collection of customer's comments on Jurik Tools.

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